Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have three hives this year.  One was (a) a swarm I caught last year, (b) one was a package (that swarmed and that's (a)) and (c) one was another package.  I already had a super on (a).  I had feeders on (b) and (c).  I took the feeders off of (b) and (c) this afternoon because they weren't taking the syrup, and put supers on them.  (b) got a super with bare frames because it was stronger and (c) got a super with drawn comb because it was weaker.  I also put a robber screen on (c) just because I don't want it bothered by the others.  I didn't have time this afternoon for a full inspection.  Hopefully next week I can pull brood frames out and give them a good look.