Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preparing for Extraction

Yesterday I placed my order for a Maxant 9-Frame Extractor.  I ordered the hand crank model and the power conversion kit.  I want to be prepared for any circumstances, plus get experience in different facets of extracting.  I also ordered an electric knife and uncapping comb from Mann Lake (free shipping on orders over $100), and some other accessories from Kelley's Bees.  I'm really hoping the bees keep going like they are currently going.  Plus, I'll have frames with drawn comb (like money in the bank).

So far we've had adequate rain and the clover (and other flowers, shrubs, and trees) have kept blooming.  I sewed some more clover the other day and I'm hoping that comes on in a week or so.  It's going to turn hot this weekend (highs in the mid 90's).  Maybe there will be some scattered showers/thunderstorms that go along with it.

So now the wait until things get here.

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