Monday, November 18, 2013

Ready For Winter

The top feeders and robber screens are off the hives now and the entrance reducers are set to the smallest opening.

The SHB oil pans are empty and clean and reinserted.  The telescoping covers are slid forward so the inner-cover notch is exposed.  I am hoping there's enough clearance around the oil pans in the bottom that there will be sufficient ventilation in the hive like this, while keeping it warm inside.

The hives are too heavy to lift, so I'm thinking there's enough stores for the winter.

In Febuary, I'll try to lift the hives and peep inside to see if they need sugar (mountain camp method).

The next couple of months will be good for inventory, repair, maintenance, and planning.

Have a great winter everyone and I hope your hives make it to next spring!

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