Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cherokee Beekeepers Association

My Dad and I went to Athens, TN today for the Short Beekeeper's Course presented by the Cherokee Beekeepers Association.  It was an informative day and we met some local beekeepers.  They are very knowledgeable folks and friendly, too.  There was around 50 people in attendance! A representative of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association was there and gave a presentation about his organization.  The topics in the course included beekeeping safety, bee anatomy, hive placement, master gardening and Q&A.  I won a screened inner cover as one of the door prizes!  We joined both organizations today and will be trying to get to the meetings in Athens on the last Thursday in every month.

This is day 8 of the syrup experiment, and the bees still aren't having anything to do with it.  It was an up-and-down week this past week.  Thursday the high was 78F!  I saw leaves on weeping willow trees today.  Things are really starting to grow now in this part of the state.  I sure hope we don't get a big snow or a hard freeze to kill everything!

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