Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Spring

Thursday, March 1, went to Lowes to look around.  Ended up getting some cinder blocks to raise the current hive and make a base for the second hive.  I got some paint, and some screws to put some woodenware together.  It was too late when we got back from town to do much with what we bought.  Friday was the day of the tornadoes, so we couldn't do anything.  Saturday and Sunday were windy and cold with snow threatening.  It looks like it's going to be this coming weekend before we get into the hive and set up some new stuff.

The sugar water was gone.  I think that it rained so hard, it beat the syrup out of the bag.  I put a new bag out Saturday (day 15), but they still aren't on it.  With the temperatures going up and down, and the rain (and maybe snow), I'm sure it's got their schedule all messed up.

The peach tree blooms are opening up.  If they don't get frostbit, the peach tree should have a good crop this year.  yeah!

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