Sunday, March 11, 2012

And now........the rest of the story.

All I have to take pictures with is a phone camera.  And, the way my luck goes, the battery went dead before I was finished yesterday.  So I charged it up last night and went out this morning to take a picture of the "finished" product or the "after" picture.  The hive is really actually level.  It's just me that's out of kilter!

If you look at the upper left, you can see where the hive was.  There was a couple of bees still flying around there.  But, I didn't see many dead ones that might have froze last night (we had a pretty good frost), so I assume they all finally got home after the smoke cleared and the commotion settled down.

I added the hive stand (I call it a landing board).  It's the slanted piece under the entrance.  I also swapped from the 1" opening to the 4" opening of the entrance reducer (I'm just estimating the sizes of the entrance holes) to eliminate congestion at the entrance.  There had been a lot of bees on the side of the hive waiting to get in.

It's going to be a beautiful day today and I hope all the bees get reoriented and have a productive day!

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