Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parts on Order

Well, I'm waiting for parts to get here.  I ordered some more plastic frames from Brushy Mountain and and I'm going to try some boxes (unassembled) from Kelly's Bees (they come with nails).  When we get these together, it will be time to do the split (weather permitting).  So keep your eye out for that big brown truck!

Thursday night is a meeting of the Cherokee Beekeeper's Assocition in Athens, TN at the Co-op.  It will be good to meet more folks and learn some skills (I think the topics are going to be inspections and frame assembly).  See you there!  :D

The bees are going through a ziploc bag per day of syrup.  I put about a third of a gallon in each bag.  Glad I bought sugar when it was on sale!  But the bees have a lot of comb to draw, so they need the syrup.  Hopefully, the nectar will start soon.  Also, hopefully, next year I'll have drawn comb so we won't have to do so much feeding.  But, that's getting way ahead of myself!

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