Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things to do!

I've got a list of things to do today (and the rest of the week).  The boxes and frames got here, so we've got to assemble and paint.  Might get to that tomorrow or Saturday.  Tonight's the Cherokee Beekeeper's monthly meeting.  It will be my first one, so that should be interesting.  It's at the Co-op in Athens, TN.

The bees have been going through a baggie of syrup a day.  I put about 1/3 gallon in a bag.  I've found that poking holes in the baggie with a stick pin works best.  I'm probably feeding more than I should (there's already clover blooming).  But they've got a lot of empty frames to deal with, so I figure the syrup will help them with comb building.

I was planting a plum tree yesterday and one of the bees decided it didn't like what I was doing, so I got my first sting of the year.  I'm still unsure why it decided to sting me.  It hurt pretty bad, too.  And I forgot that the stinger also releases pheromone, so more bees arrived to help.  Luckily Dad was there to brush them off of me and I walked away smartly.  Maybe it was just a fluke, or maybe we were working too close to the hive.  I'm going to move the hive (and place the split) away from the fruit trees, so they don't feel threatened when we're working in the orchard.

The weather's been beautiful (but hot in the sun).  It's almost to the point where we need some rain.

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