Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Wax Melting

I crocked the wax overnight and let it cool today. Here is the water that was left:

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Here is the bottom of the wax (the water side):

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And here is the side that was up (air side):

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It looks like a lot of the stuff didn't separate and sink.

So I stuck a meat thermometer into the wax solution. It was 180 degrees. I think my crockpot may get too hot on low (The optimum temperature is 145 F). That may be why the wax is turning brown.  There was a lot of gunk in the bottom of the water that I poured out the last time.

I have a warming unit on the stove.  It is a low heat unit that is used to keep food warm until the meal is served or the rest of the meal is prepared. I found an old all metal coffee can (they are very hard to find anymore) in the pantry. I put some hot water in it (140F) from the faucet and put it on the warming unit. It maintained 140 ok. So I put the wax in there (plus a little extra burr comb I found) and am melting it again, to see if I can get some more of the impurities out of it.

It's taking a long time to melt (so I turned it up just a bit), but that's ok. I have time.

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Hopefully this week or weekend, I'll make a solar melter and be ready for the next time I have wax (or, I could remelt this wax again since it's just a testing session).

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