Friday, June 22, 2012

Mounting the Extractor

When we extracted, we learned that balancing the frames inside the extractor makes the process smoother.  We learned that by not having it balanced and watching the extractor trying to jump around.  Luckily, we only did that at low speeds, so that we could slow it down.

One thing I noticed is that the tops of the sides of plastic frames is just a tad wider than wooden frames.  This requires wiggling, pushing, and muttering under my breath to get them in the bottom frame holders.  I have ordered a few medium wooden frames to see if they fit any better.  I may end up grinding/sanding the sides of the plastic frames a little to make them fit better in the extractor.

Anyways, I had an old pallet laying around in the yard and we mounted the extractor to that to give it a more stable base (plus now I could move it on a forklift if I had one!).  We put 2X4s underneath the top pallet wood to strengthen the setup.  Here's what it looks like:

 This shows the 2x4 underneath for strengthening and support:

 Room for a bucket on the pallet under the outlet valve:

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