Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tale of Two Hives

Sunday 9-9-12:

The good news is that the swarm hive is going like gangbusters. New comb, eggs, pupae, larvae, etc. They seem very happy. I am still feeding them 1 to 2 pints of syrup a day and I think they're going to be ok.

The other hive is a different story. I know I have too many supers on, but I'm wanting to find out if there's a goldenrod flow. The goldenrod is just now starting to bloom around here.

Note: Every frame in every super is covered with bees.

The top super weighs 50-60 pounds and is full of capped honey. Yeah!

The next super down is drawn but empty comb.

The next super down has mostly drawn frames and about half is capped honey.

The top deep is mostly drawn comb and has some brown liquid (nectar?) and pollen in it.

The bottom deep is mostly drawn comb and has some brown liquid (nectar?) and pollen in it.

I didn't see any eggs, larvae, pupae, or queen.

It might be that I overlooked something, as I didn't pull every frame. But I did try to look at some of the middle frames in each box.

It might be that I rolled her the last time I looked in there.

I'm hoping that the queen is hiding, and the drought and hot weather has made her stop laying temporarily.

I am going back into the hive next Friday. I am going to extract that top super and maybe the other capped honey frames in lower supers. I need to get the hive down to two deeps for winter anyway.

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