Monday, March 11, 2013

Community Feeder

I got the community feeder assembled that I ordered from Walter T. Kelley.  Dad painted it for me.  The bees were thick under the two little entrance feeders that I had set out, so they should really love this.  They had emptied two quart jars in a couple of days, so this should last a week (maybe).


Also, the 10-frame hive didn't have much activity at the entrance, so I popped the top and peeped in.  There are plenty of bees and they're in the top frames, so this upcoming weekend hopefully I can get into the hives, check for brood, and swap the boxes to put the bees on the bottom.

I didn't look into the 8-frame hive.  There were bees coming and going there and lots of activity, so I'm sure they'll be ok until this upcoming weekend.

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