Friday, March 8, 2013

Time to mix up some syrup!

But don't do it this way!  I have a dedicated pot that I mix my syrup in. I poured in two gallons of water and started heating it up. Then I started pouring in sugar and started mixing. Well, I had three bags of sugar in and the water level was kind of high. I got half the fourth bag in and the water was up to the rim. Ut oh.   Luckily my wife was in the den watching TV. I got a measuring cup and a gallon jug and a funnel and started carefully dipping out of the pot into the jug. I got enough out to get the remaining sugar in the pot and mix it up. I topped off the jug with the mixture in the pot. I guess the ratio is kind of close, and I'll bet the bees won't care all that much. I will fill up the other two jugs tomorrow when it's all cooled. I hope I got all the sticky stuff wiped up off the stove!
From now on - ONE GALLON AT A TIME IN THE POT!!!!!

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