Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happiness turns to heartbreak turns to hope

There was a swarm in a dogwood tree close to the hives  afternoon.  It's probably from one of my hives.  The one I suspect seemed mean the other day when we were in it, but they may have just been getting ready to swarm.

Anyway, my back has been acting up so I had to get Dad to do most of the work.  I wasn't sure what we needed to do.  The step ladders we have are too short to really work on this swarm, but we gave it the old college try.

I placed a box on the ground under the swarm, so if he could cut the limbs they were on, we could just put them into the box and be done with it.

When he got up there and got ahold of the limb, he moved it a little trying to get the lopper where he could cut it.  The bees all flew off.

I left the box with a swarm lure under the limb where they were.  There might be a chance they'll return to that spot.

I have another box with swarm lure about 150 yards away towards my house.  Maybe they'll go there instead.

I guess I need to watch more swarm capture videos.  It seemed to me like all you had to do was cut they limb they were on and put them in a box.  I wasn't expecting them to fly away like that.

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