Saturday, April 5, 2014

I've got bees!

Lots and lots and lots of bees!  One of the hives didn't seem too busy coming and going, but when I went into the hive, there were thousands of bees everywhere!  I was so happy.  I finally got some through the winter.  However, the top super where I thought they'd all be was still full of capped syrup/honey from last fall.

The other hive was the same way.  Lots of bees and the top super was full of syrup/honey, too.

We did find the queen and brood in the middle box in each hive.  We put those boxes on the bottom and the other deep on top of that, and replaced the mediums back on top of those.  I've got to check the weather.  It's still too cool for a fume board, but I do have some escapes.  I might put them on for a couple of days so that I can get all the bees out of those top supers. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with those supers, but I can't have them on the hives when I medicate. And I have plans to use Mite Away Quick Strips next week before the flow starts.

But I'm so happy that I have bees!!!

This is a frame from the brood box.  It has some capped syrup/honey, too:

You can't see it very well, but there's some capped honey around the edges, but this frame is full of capped brood:

On each picture on the top and bottom of the frames you can see drone brood.  I didn't notice any mites on the drone, but I did see some mites in the removable tray in the bottom.

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