Monday, May 13, 2013

Odd Comb That Just Won't Behave

When I installed the nucs, one of them had a large chunk of comb they had built.  I tried laying it outside the entrance to the hive, but they didn't leave it.  Afraid of hurting the queen, I put a shim on top of an inner cover and put the comb on there, hoping they'd go down into the hive in a day or two.

Went into the hives today and the come was bigger and had brood.  There was also brood down in the hive.  That queen really gets around!  So I gently hive-tooled the comb off of the inner cover and pressed it onto the frame in position #8 (it was bare plastic frame).  I hope they take care of it all and they are happy now.

As an aside, I tried out my big magnet in my suit pocket and it holds the hive tool in the "always ready" position. It's kind of hard to get off sometimes, but it's a strong magnet.

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The good news is that all four hives are buzzing happily along, building comb and laying eggs and drinking syrup.  I am hoping the temperatures will straighten out (it was down to 40F last night) and they'll start taking care of business making comb, bees, and honey.

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