Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top Feeder Repair/Maintenance

When we installed the packages, I used the Mann Lake top feeders with 1:1 syrup, lemon juice, and Honey B Healthy.

We put one on each hive.  A couple of days later, they both had a lot of bees in the syrup.  Many had drowned, and some were flying around inside.  I didn't know how they got in to the syrup.  It's screened off and seemed to work well last year.

As a stop-gap measure, I put the Brushy Mountain top feeder on the 10-frame hive and filled it with syrup.  They don't make that kind of feeder for 8-frame (I sure wish they did!), so I went back to the entrance feeders on top of an inner cover with a box around them.

Tuesday, I got a silicone-calk-type of tube gun and ran a bead of silicone around the screen edges, hopefully sealing the route the bees were taking into the syrup.  I put one on the 8-frame hive to test it and to make sure the silicone wasn't harmful to bees.

This also shows the neat new cart I got to pull boxes and frames from the hives to the shed.


  1. I had this problem, too. It still happened after I had siliconed the screen edges and I discovered it was a warped top. I made a gasket out of some foam, which temporarily solved it. Then I switched tops around until I found one that sealed the feeder off better.

  2. I had the same problem, too I used the Brushy Mountain top feeders and lost a lot of bees. I have removed all them off my 10 frame hives. I will not use them again the bees built wax all over the inside of the box. The Queen got up there and I killed her when I removed the first one, so I to am going back to a front feeder.