Monday, April 22, 2013

Package Installation Part 2

Short story:

1.  The bees are in the hives.
2.  Phone-Camera battery was dead.

Long story:

Got the bees home. Sprayed them with a little sugar water (the sprayer didn't spray very well, it doesn't like syrup). Took the wooden lid off the first one and the bees just poured out. The wooden cover of Walter T Kelley packages isn't a tight fit around the can, and the queen cell is stapled to the top, and there's lots of room for the bees to get out. It took me a while to figure out that I needed needle-nose pliers to get the can out. Once I got a grip, the can came right out. Then we got the queen box out (Dad was helping me). Took a knife and got the cork out. Put an empty deep with the package inside on the bottom. Put the frames with the best comb in next. There's a top feeder with syrup on top.

Repeated the above steps (it was a little easier this time, now that I knew what to expect) for the other hive.  So now I have an 8-frame and a 10-frame hive.

I'll go down there in a little while and remove the bottom box and package. They should be all out of it by now (or in a little while). Hopefully they'll like their new homes. It's got to be better than riding around in back of a truck in a package! They sure are buzzing around now.

I've got the phone charging now. I'll take some pictures of the Walter T Kelley packages so you can see what I mean about the gaps.

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