Monday, April 22, 2013

Package Installation Part 3

I took the bottom boxes with the packages out and all seems well. I put the packages and empty boxes in front of the hives so that stragglers could go into the hive. Syrup is in the feeder on top of the hives. The queens are in the middle of the hives with the cork out and the candy hole up. I plan on going in Friday to check the queen release.

As I said previously, the Kelley packages are not tight fitting at the top. Here is a picture of what it looks like after the can and queen box is removed:

Now that I know, I'll know what to expect in the future. If anyone else plans on ordering from WTK, keep this in mind and be ready.

So now I guess I'm back in the bee business! I guess I feel kind of like the bees do when the hive is queen right.

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